Pattern Corrections

Although all of my patterns are read and reread, occasionally an error slips through.

When this is brought to my attention, I will immediately fix it for all future publications and also post the corrections here.

Thank you for understanding.

Currently there are no corrections for my individual patterns.



"Quilting on the Go: English Paper Piecing"

Strawberry and Cream Clam Shell Dilly Bag

Pg 34

10 3/4" x 21" lining (d)
8" x 21" pocket (e)
10 3/4" x 21" parlan

Pg 35

Step 11
A- take the pocket fabric (e) and fold in half lengthways to make a piece 4” x 21” and press...
D- With a water erasable fabric pen, draw lines at 5.75”, 10.5” and 15.25” on the pocket fabric...
Dilly Bag correction image


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